Welcome to stay with us in the Happiness B&B.

It would be a good chance for international tourist who can experience local life with us!

This romantic house is designed by ourselves so it offer an unmatched space.

The Happiness B&B is located in a very convenient location

which is only five minutes from the Luodong train station and Luodong night market by car.

幸福 客廳 (6)

The thought of being able to live near one’s parents made this wife very happy!

That’s why we call ourselves B&B Happiness.

We didn’t start as a B&B, or even as a business!

One day, one of my parents’ customers couldn’t book a room locally.

He asked if he could stay in my house and we said it was OK.

After his stay he suggested that we start our own B&B business, and so Happiness was created!

Maybe it’s the heart seeking happiness that urged us on to open Happiness.


Wherever you come from,just come and stay with us.

It will be an unique experince during your stay in Luodong, Yilan.

If you need further information or want to make a reservation,

please contact with us via the following e-mail address.

e-mail: thedew363@yahoo.com.tw


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